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Handyman Services

Sometimes it's the small jobs that can cause you the most grief. Sand Palms Construction offers a variety of handyman services so those smaller repairs don't get missed. Not seeing your needs listed? Contact us. We do it all.

Fresh Bathroom Design
Jobs Under $500
  • Toilet Replacement

  • Interior Door Replacement

  • Tile Repair

  • Door and Window Screens

  • Light Fixture Replacement

  • TV Wall Mount Installation

  • Medium Room Blind Installation

* permits costs additional & vary *
* product selection dictate pricing* 

Jobs Under $1500
  • Window Replacement

  • Solid Fiberglass Door Replacement

  • Basic Tile Backsplash Installation

  • Baseboard Installation

  • Medium Drywall Replacement

  • Water Heater Replacement/Repair

* permits costs additional & vary *

* product selection dictate pricing* 

Jobs Under $1000
  • Medium Room Painted

  • Solid Steel Door Replacement

  • Vanity Installation

  • Medium Room Laminate

  • New Fan Electrical/Installation

  • Minor Drywall Repair

  • Closet Doors and Shelving

* permits costs additional & vary *
* product selection dictate pricing* 

Home Entrance
Jobs Under $2000
  • Shower Door Installation

  • Small Room Tile Installation

  • Basic Water Leak Mitigation

  • Custom Carpentry

  • Popcorn Removal

* permits costs additional & vary *

* product selection dictate pricing* 


All Handyman Services


"Some Assembly Required" almost never means "some." Save yourself the headache of trying to read those instructions yourself and hire Sand Palms Construction.


We can help you take out the old and bring in the new. From new floors to new doors we can be trusted with all your installation needs.


Bring color to your home with our painting services. no matter if you want to add life to furniture with a new stain job or paint your walls, we can handle the job.


If something is broken in your home, we can fix it. Our repair services can not only keep your home looking and operating at its best, it can save you time and money.


Are you looking for something unique and beautiful? Custom carpentry may be the answer. Our team can install or build new features such as mantels, cabinets, shelves and more.


Have a gaping hole in the wall? Looking to increase the style & value of your home with some new drywall or crown molding? we can do it all, on time and done right.

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